15 Most Overlooked Superhero Day Jobs

15 Most Overlooked Superhero Day Jobs


I always wondered how a single mother with a couple of children (or, a single father, for that matter) who works two, sometimes three jobs, or a job that runs 12-15 hours each day, would fare as a superhero. Tired, I think. Picky about how and when he/she saves someone. Rumpled.

In that regard, supporting their children and keeping the lights on, they are heros. But imagine if they felt compelled to don a cape because some mutant power that almost forced them to go out and do good. Hmm. I think I’m on to a new short story idea. And this, friends, is for you, from Popcrunch.com …

Superheroes come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, and some of these men and women actually held jobs that us normal folks would truly enjoy, and even consider special. These are the 15 most overlooked superhero day jobs; they’re not all lives of luxury, but they’re all professions any reasonable person could strive toward in the absence of superpowers.

Link. Thoughts?

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