Comic Book Page Previews Episode Submissions Due

It’s that time of month when Bob and John are collecting submissions for their Previews Episode where they spotlight up coming comics in each months previews.

If you have seen something you like and would want to promote to all the other listeners go over to the Comic Book Page Forum have a look at what others are choosing and record your clip to send in to The Guys.

If you haven’t picked up your previews don’t worry as here is a list of all the online solicitations for you to check out.

From the Comic Book Page Forum

We’ll do the Previews call on Friday 15th at 5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern.

As always, get on Skype around the start time (or join any time after, the call can run 4 hours of rousing comics chat) and look for thejohnmayo message him to get joined into the call.

Submissions for the Previews Spotlight #027 show should be in by the end of Friday January 15th

Of course you can start sending in submissions as soon as you have them done. Sending them in early is appreciated as it give us more time to organized the clips and plan out the episode.

Remember: We encourage anyone to send in a short audio clip where they can talk about any book that’s coming out in the upcoming Previews that they are really excited about. The email address to send the clips to is (Some people were only send them to either just John or just Bob and we both need to get them to prepare to recording the episode. By using TheGuys email address, the email goes to both Bob and John.)

PLEASE: Each featured item should be in a separate audio file.

We would also appreciate it if you put the page number followed by the full name of the item in the filename. If you don’t know the page number, that is fine. Just leave it off. But having the full name of the item the clip is for makes it much easier for us to organize the files and prepare for recording the episode.
Tips on how to record a clip can be found here.

Call dibs on reviewing any particular comic on this thread.

Dark Horse

DC Comics
SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read the solicits for “JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE RISE OF ARSENAL #1” or “TITANS #23” until you’ve read the “Cry For Justice” mini-series, issue #5.

Image Comics

Marvel Comics






Devil’s Due






Top Cow

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