Frazetta Art Heist update

More News on the Frazetta Art Heist have came to light from The Beat:

It seems safe to say that the Pocono Record knows that they have the story of, uh, a fortnight in the Great Frazetta Art Heist. As you may recall, Frank Frazetta Jr., son of the art legend Frank Sr. was arrested last week on charges that he and two other men broke into their father’s museum with a backhoe and were in the process of removing $20 million worth of art. Today’s preliminary hearing for the crime produced some bombshell revelations.

The bizarre incident has unearthed a family squabble among Frazetta’s four children. It seems that children Bill, Holly and Heidi are in favor of selling the world-famous and iconic paintings that made their father a legend and created an entire genre of fantasy art — one painting sold recently for $1 million and that could be just the start of the bidding.

On the other side we have Frank Jr. who seems to want to keep the paintings in the family — or at least out of his siblings hands. The paintings are currently displayed at the Frazetta Museum where, one assumes, they bring in some kind of modest income.

Today the Pocono record catches Frank Jr doing the perp walk to a preliminary hearing. Bail was reduced to $50,000 and Bill Frazetta states that he hopes things can be settled within the family and outside of the court.

The REAL bombshell, however, comes from a notary who says that Frank Frazetta Sr. came to her nine days before the aborted heist and asked her to notarize a power of attorney removing control of the art from Bill, Heidi and Holly and giving it to Frank Jr! “He was in the right frame of mind,” said the notary.

This backs up claims by Frank Jr., and in Beat comments and elsewhere on the web that he was only acting on his father’s wishes in removing the paintings to some other home.

Still, using a backhoe may not have been the way to go about it.


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