An Unfortunate Necessary Slow Down

Hey All,

I thought that I’d let you know that there will be an Unfortunate slow down of content coming up on The Furnace as I am moving house at the end of this week and the only time I have to post anything is when I’m at work.

You can still expect the usual articles and videos from Amber and Jason but my time will be taken up with getting everything sorted at the new house and getting the internet reactivated there as well.

We should be back on track the week of the 21/12/2009 anyway.

Also after we’re settled with the move hopefully Brian and myself will get some time to do some more Kryptographik Podcasts and I’m going to try to get back to Welcome to Heavenside as well as another show I have in mind.

Thanks for your waiting for it all to get back to normal.

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