Tales from the Copper Age

Tales from the Copper Age

I’ve mentioned Copper Age a few times on here already but I haven’t said much about it so far. Copper Age is a Web Comic based at http://www.itisacircle.com and also there is a prose website which run’s in conjunction with the Web Comic but you can read both of them independantly as well. The Prose page can be found at http://hopelessvendetta.wordpress.com/.

Now we have the links out of the way I need to talk about the comic itself. Thomas Sewall Brown and Brynneth N Colvin have weaved a great atmosphere that I haven’t seen in comics for a while now. We have the dark and dreary world where we are introduced to Salamandra O’Stoat who is an orphan. She was living in a mansion on her own and we have no clue yet what had happened to her family. Also we are hinted at some powers that she has. I love the mood and feel that he is giving the world that Tom and Bryn have created.

Now thing that I love about this is the art work. Tom has really put in a lot of mood with it and it does seem to be strait from the pencils with a bare minimum of colour added to it. Now this adds a lot to the art and gives it a darker feeling which I can’t get enough of.

Also the writing by Bryn is mood filled where you want to feel sorry for Salamandra but there is also the element that she might have caused something to her family.

Now I don’t read that many Web Comics at all these days as I generally get over them as I prefer the print version over reading on the screen but that being said this is one of the 2 that I can’t get enough of. So I am putting this comic up there with Warren Ellis’ Freakangels.

If your wanting a comparison with some other books to see if it’s for you I get a feeling of Gloomcookie as well a dark and twisted Alice in Wonderland.

So check it out and you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Amber says:

    Looks beautiful!


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