Shivering Sands

Shivering Sands

Shifting Sands is a new collection of Warren Ellis’ ramblings, random thoughts and ideas that he has been putting out on the internet over the years.

He’s putting it out through Lulu so if you want a copy follow the clickable link and order one.

SHIVERING SANDS is a bit of an experiment: part Greatest Hits collection, part late-night ramblings, all crackling text transmissions sent down the wire from anywhere Warren Ellis had access to a computer and something to say. These essays, stories, music reviews, the occasional chemically-induced rant, and a couple of recipes— because, for whatever reason, everyone seems to love his recipes—represent a cross-section of the past seven years’ worth of Warren’s writing online. From jumping around Britain, Europe and North America to just dragging his carcass up to the local pub for a think, this is the unedited spillage from the inside of the writer’s head during the ’00s. Some of it even makes sense.

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