Jeff Smith Says Bone Movie Could Become 3 Films

Back in 2008, it was announced that Jeff Smith had signed a deal with Warner Brothers to adapt his epic comic adventure series “Bone” into a CG-animated film. And while details have since been scarce, Smith offered some surprising information during a panel at last weekend’s Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. According to a […]

New Screenwriter For Ghost In The Shell Adaptation

The long-awaited adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s futuristic police thriller “Ghost in the Shell” appears to be picking up momentum this week; as DreamWorks has hired Laeta Kalogridis to write the screenplay. According to a Variety report, Kalogridis is stepping in to replace Jamie Moss, the writer who was originally attached to the project when it […]

Cerebus TV Launches

What is Cerebus TV all about? Quoting a press up from Dave Sim sent to Bleeding Cool… “Art and artists talking about art and examining that art in black and white. I enjoy reading about artists’ lives in Alter Ego but I’m always far more interested in their materials, drawing choices, influences, mentors. I want […]

Marvel’s Joe Sinnott signs fangirl

httpvh:// Amber Love had the pleasure of meeting Marvel’s legendary inker and artist Mr. Joe Sinnott at Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ. Mr. Sinnott was in attendance on Superhero Saturday just to say hello before his Wonder Woman Day appearance the following day. Little did he know Amber would throw herself at him in gushing […]

Area Man and the Marvel Universe

I wonder how many of us this actually describes. Hmm. Anyway, check in with comments if this is you: “We’re from Sweden or Norway or somewhere around there,” said Sundling, who when prompted can accurately detail the origins of each cartoon member of the X-Men, the Avengers, the Defenders, and the Squadron Supreme. “I don’t […]

Marvel opens “Create Your Own Comic”

I’m back and I bring gifts. This time, in the form of a Marvel Web tool that will allow you to build your own comics. Now, the site is for children. But, let your imagination run wild (until Captain Censorship shows up with a mighty KAPOW! to anything remotely suggestive harming Marvel’s — and, in […]

Season of the Witch Teaser

The teaser trailer for Lionsgate’s Season of the Witch can be seen below. The supernatural thriller from Dominic Sena (Whiteout) stars Nicolas Cage (Ghost Rider) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and takes place in 14th century Europe during the Black Plague. The film is set to hit theaters on March 19, 2010.

The Wolfman Trailer

The Second Trailer for the upcoming Wolfman movie has been release so check it out and let me know what you think of it in the comments. httpvh://

George Tuska passes away

I feel like I’m a bit behind the 8 ball at the moment after missing this bit of news… As Featured on The Beat: Veteran artist George Tuska has passed away at age 93. Tuska’s career spanned the Golden Age with work for the Iger/Eisner shop, Lev Gleason, Fox and the Harry “A” Chesler Studio. […]

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