6 Ways to Prove Batman is a Pimp

Iceberg Slim, Memphis Mack and Too Short. Lantern Corps villains? Teen Titan foes? Hell, no. And while you may be think of Batman as a guardian of the night, using his superior strength, reflexes, acumen and skills to quell the rise of crime in Gotham, he is really not much more than, well, this: Or […]

Final Days to Pre-Order Titanium Rain

As the end of the month is coming quicker and quicker I’d like to put out one last reminder to go and place your order for Titanium Rain. Also now, there are even more great ways of getting your copy. 1. Order from your local comic book store using the Previews Code SEP09 0597 2. […]

Hotwire Hard Cover Edition

September 25th, 2009, Los Angeles – In the near future, the living and the dead share the same space. Known as “Blue Lights,” the non-living are mostly harmless, roaming the streets, hiding from city lights, scuttling in the shadows. But when they begin to appear as ghostly weapons of mass destruction, Metro Police has only […]

Star Wars Clone Wars Season 2 Trailer

As Season 1 of Clone Wars is still being played daily in my household whenever my son is up and around I thought for a Saturday Night it’s time to put up the trailer for Season 2. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23oH1Gie11I

Friday Funday – Zombies on your Lawn!

As it’s Friday night here it’s time for some fun… After looking around at Boing Boing I found this Plants vs Zombies video staring none other than @m1k3y from Grinding.be httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98v7Jq6IFrE Check it out and let us know what you think

Marvel and Aniboom launch Motion Comics Contest

Marvel and AniBoom, the online social network for animation, is launching a motion comics contest with a first prize of $10,000. Marvel is teaming up with Aniboom to give you the chance to transform some of their greatest stories into Motion Comics and propel the comic book experience into uncharted territory! Take the pages of […]

David Goyer in Talks for Ghost Rider 2

Variety is reporting that Columbia Pictures is moving forward with a sequel to Ghost Rider . David Goyer is in early talks to create the story and supervise writers for a film expected to once again star Nicolas Cage. The trade adds that plans are under way to base the sequel on a script written […]

On Jack Kirby’s Estate vs. Marvel/Disney

Despite stories on The New York Times and L.A. Times websites (among many others), there still seems to be a fair amount of confusion regarding the situation, particularly in the comments sections of many comic news sites and forums…

Amber’s Interview with Ken Haeser of The Living Corpse

Amber stalked many comic book creators at Pittsburgh Comic Con 2009 and one of them was Ken Haeser. Ken is half of the dynamic duo behind The Living Corpse supernatural horror series. If you’ve never picked up an issue of The Living Corpse (WTF is wrong with you?) think of it in the same genre […]

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