The Living Corpse will return soon

From The Living Corpse Blog:

Major Announcement

As many of you might have seen already, The Living Corpse #7 and 8 have not yet been released. The reason for this is because we have left our publishers at Zenescope Entertainment in search of greener pastures after the release of the Annual a few months back.

There is no animosity between us and Zenescope but we felt it was time to part ways and to pursue other publishers that fit more in vein with the kind of comic that we wanted to make. Joe and Ralph are great guys and we wish them nothing but the best with their comics and business.

So for the last few months, Buz and I have been shopping the comic around to publishers that are a better fit for our brand of comic. We have had several smaller publishers jumping at the chance to put it out, but me and Buz are shooting bigger than them and we are currently in talks with two companies that are both in the top five publisher spots to not only continue the series but to release the trade paperback that was never released before.

We just wanted to let you guys know that the comic is alive and well— only moving to a new house. Anyone who’s had to move into a new house knows how much work it entails before you can actually get your stuff in and put up your feet but we’re hoping to have an announcement very soon!

We have issues #7 and 8 totally completed and ready to roll to the printer and we are currently plowing through issue #9 as we speak.

Just wanted to let you guys know that LC is not dead (well deadish…_ and will soon rise bigger and better than before!!


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