Out of Print Comics

Out of Print Comics

No I’m not talking about trying to find those old issues that no one seems to have for sale anymore. I’m reffering to the Webcomic Out Of Print which is created by Michael Parkinson.

A lot of you might remember from the Year One Marvel Webcomic. Michael has been a friend of mine from the CGS forums for a while now and also I have had a couple of commissions by him.
If you liked his earlier work I’d suggest going over to the Out Of Print Website and checking it out.

Ghost Rider Sketch Card by you. sccolourmorbius by you.

And now for some words from Michael:

Hey There – welcome to my new strip Out Of Print.

Some of you may know me from the last thing i did of note – a webcomic called Year One. It was a Marvel comics parody strip and ran for about 2-3 years. Unfortunately i had personal issues including a minor mental collapse which caused me to terminate the comic – now, however, im hoping i have things together enough to give it another try.
As you can tell, if you were familiar with Year One, this is a massive change creatively from me.

…ok, not really.

So its practically the same – i acknowledge that. I tried about 3 or 4 strips in the downtime over the last few years but never got to the stage of uploading them to the internet – the simple fact is i enjoy this style of comic. I’m more of a peanuts/Calvin and Hobbes comic strip fan than anything else and despite my Fathers best efforts to convince me to draw grown ups i’m just not interested.

So what IS Out of Print. And how did it come about?

I was originally working on an idea for a site – it was going to be a comic strip about a “tonight show” type of program with public domain characters as the hosts/producers etc. They were going to comment and satire current news in the comics industry and have guests (read: creators or other characters) on to interview them about their latest projects. I drew a few of these but just wasnt interested in adopting a more grown up (but still cartoony) style.

I just kept drawing them as kids cos it was more fun. So i stopped fighting it.

Why Public domain characters? Obviously the problem with Year One was i was using other peoples characters and while i still am here its completely different. For a start i may as well be using my own creations as im really only using costumes/abilities from the original creations. Im creating my own personalities for these guys. But i was still really interested in using the public domain angle still after brainstorming the last strip idea.

These guys are now up for grabs – anyone can use them – how do they feel about that? Whats their life like now they’re not in their own comic anymore? Its ripe for story ideas! Then i realised the backdrop of the strip will be this Support Group and it all gelled together.

And on that note – its perfectly fine for me to use these guys. They’re all Public domain and once in public domain any-one can use them for their own project. As long as i dont refer to stuff that happenned to Black Terror in Preoject Superpowers for example, then everythings fine.

Anyway, good to be back. Ive missed doing a daily strip.

spectrevsfate by you.

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