CNN: Dragon*Con brings out enthusiasts’ inner geek

I attended in 2008. Wow. Fantastic, crowded, hot, fast and fun. The comic artists’ alley got crammed under an escalator and into an adjacent room. Still, a thrill to meet a few people who helped shape my comics conscious (Steve Rude, Mike Baron, Michael Golden). The thing sprawls across three hotels. And, Adam West and Mickey Dolenz showed up. Longer autograph lines for Edward James Olmos and other BSG personalities. This year, My friend Kelly Meding is there promoting her first book, “Three Days to Dead.” Also, I think David Atchison is there, another great guy. I miss going this year now that I’ve had a taste. Anyway, here’s CNN’s take on the event. You can also track peeps goings on via Twitter and the hashtag #dragoncon.

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