Spider-Woman Motion Comic Episode 1 online

The Spider-Woman Motion Comic was released via iTunes in the USA recently which meant that a lot of people outside of the country could not view it at all. With the release of episode 2 coming out soon Marvel have released it online for all to view.

There is no news if they will continue to release the rest of the series like this but for people like myself who don’t have iTunes or an iPod/iPhone, we can finally see it.

I’ve never read any Spider-Woman before but this has peaked my interest!

So check it out below and leave your comments on what you thought.

One Response to “Spider-Woman Motion Comic Episode 1 online”

  1. BlaqueSaber says:

    I liked it. I think some scenes play out better (lending them selves to more obvious motion) than others but for the beginning stages of a new art form I enjoyed it.


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