Joel Silver Planning 3D Swamp Thing

Producer Joel Silver reveals to Collider that he’d like to produce a 3D remake of Swamp Thing.

I’m developing a picture now that I’d like to do…I’ll hopefully do Swamp Thing, which is a movie we’ve had for a long time. We think that would be great to do in 3D. There are a couple of projects I’m thinking about (for the format) but not everything.

This is a project they’ve had in development for FIVE years now, but hopefully we’ll see some progress soon. The story begins when a toxic chemical transforms a research scientist into a monstrous mass of vegetation.

Hopefully Mr Silver will do right by the character. As with many out there he is a favourite of mine and as those who have been following this website for a while would know I have Swampy tattooed on myself.

As soon as more details are released I’ll be sure to post them.

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