Hero Comics

Hero Comics

Recently I picked up Hero Comics that came out from IDW and the Hero Initiative of late. To be honest I didn’t know it even existed until I saw it sitting on the shelf at one of the Comic stores I only get to when I go into Sydney.

I managed to pick up the Grendel cover, and to be honest I only grabbed it because of that and even tho there isn’t a Grendel story in it I still loved the book.

Hero Comics "Grendel" Cover by Matt Wagner

This comic has a collection of from 1 page stories through to a 5 page American Flagg story and most keep within the vein of creators in need or thanks from creators who have had the chance to be helped by the Hero Initiative.

This is what the Hero Initiative posted about the book:

Hero Initiative is very proud to announce the release of Hero Comics. The 32-page, no-ads comic, edited and produced by Scott Dunbier, special projects editor at IDW Publishing, will be released in late July with two covers, Eve by J. Scott Campbell, and Grendel by Matt Wagner. The fundraising book will contain great, all-new content including an original American Flagg! story by Howard Chaykin, and original stories by Gene Ha, Bill Willingham, David Lloyd, and Kaare Andrews.

In addition, Arthur Adams will recreate three classic Marvel Comics covers, and Hero Initiative beneficiaries such as Gene Colan, Bill Messner-Loebs and Josh Medors will tell their own personal stories, detailing their severe struggles, and Hero’s involvement.

This special edition comic retails for $3.99, and will be on sale at comic stores worldwide on July 29, 2009. It’s available in the Diamond Previews catalog for August-shipping items in the IDW section, order code JUN090950.

All proceeds from the book benefit Hero Initiative, as all creators involved have donated their services. IDW is donating its publishing services, Comicraft is donating lettering and book design, and Try Vision Company, Inc. of Los Angeles is donating printing.

Hero Comics "Eve" Cover by J.Scott Campell

I have to admit that I haven’t read any American Flagg before so to me that wasn’t a major draw to the book for me. What hit me the hardest is Josh Medor’s 1 page story about what he sees as monsters.

I have spoken to Josh on forums in the past and he is friends with Ken and Buz who are the creators of The Living Corpse and also friends of mine so I have heard what has been happening and also with his posts you can see what he’s going through.

Honestly I really don’t think this book has had enough press about it as I haven’t heard it mentioned on any podcasts or read much about it either on any of the usual websites I go to so I beg of you all to order a copy…

Over here in Australia we don’t have the issue of what happens if someone is unable to pay for medical treatment so it’s hard for me to understand what is happening with some of these people who have fallen on hard times or have been unfortunate to have medical issues that they can’t afford to pay for.

I don’t know if it comes down to the lack of a national medical welfare system like we have over here that will pay for the treatments needed of if it comes down to as work for hire and how you can get private health insurance in that situation but I really want to see anything we can be done for all of those people who are in need of the help.

And lastly if you can’t find the book then make a donation to Hero.

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