What did you get this week August 19, 2009

What did you get this week August 19, 2009

I had a few things come out this week.

Doktor Sleepless #13
People are hunting Doktor Sleepless. There’s a journalist on the streets trying to unpick his skein of lies and half-truths. There’s a killer on the streets who wants to save the world from him. There’s an old colleague with a gun who wants to ask him some questions. There’s Grinders waiting for him to tell them what to do, there are people wondering why their city seems to be falling apart around them and looking for someone to blame… and no-one’s seen Doktor Sleepless in weeks. Police Commissioner Preston Stoker, watching his city burn, has to wonder — what is the mad scientist out to destroy everything planning now? Warren Ellis’ on-going satirical-political science fiction novel continues its decent into madness.

Gravel #13
Combat Magician William Gravel is playing with powers far beyond his own in this second story arc of his ongoing series! The Major Seven gave Gravel a puzzle to solve, how does one of the royalty of magic in England get killed in a place where she cannot possibly die? Gravel only knows one way to solve puzzles – by shooting them, and then shooting anyone who complains. He doesn’t know another way to do business, and that might just see him dead. How does one man affect a group who are more numerous and more deadly? Well, that’s pretty much what the SAS was invented for! This issue is available with a regular or wraparound cover by Mike Wolfer.

Hellblazer #258
As strange as it sounds, seducing a 2,000-year-old demon with a grudge isn’t the riskiest stunt John Constantine has ever pulled. But tipping the supernatural scales for a chance at love will exact a cost higher than he ever thought possible. And try as he might, is this something that devil-may-care Constantine can walk away from?

Super Friends #18
Meet the Bizarro Super Friends! This am not the solicit for the next boring issue of SUPER FRIENDS! We hate the Super Friends and no want you to steal this right now!

Witchblade #129
Witchblade #129 ‘War of the Witchblades’ Part 4 (of 6) The penultimate chapter of the ‘War of the Witchblades’ story arc! Every war must have a victor. The Balance must be restored. With the lines drawn firmly in the sand and both Sara Pezzini and Dani Baptiste carrying wounds from their battle, the stakes have never been this high.

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