Deadworld: Slaughterhouse

Deadworld: Slaughterhouse

Soon to be a major motion picture from the producer of Coraline and the writer of X-Men 2!

The first Deadworld story in Hardcover!

This original graphic novel, written by Gary Reed is illustrated by Sami Makkonen, artist of the best selling Hatter M graphic novel! Many humans find themselves trapped in a world of the walking dead and the living who will do anything to survive. The promise of Safe Haven reveals a much darker and sinister purpose, when victims find themselves in a medical facility, a Slaughterhouse, which will stop at nothing to combat the zombie plague, including using humans as guinea pigs. Survivors find that the greatest horror may not be the zombies, but their own kind.

Written by GARY REED (Saint Germaine, Renfield)
Art by SAMI MAKKONEN (Blue, Chemistry Set)

112 pages, black and white, $19.99.

The book comes out from Desperado Publishing, in Hardcover,  in October. It’s in the Diamond Previews right now. Diamond Order Code AUG08 3977


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