The RealmShift and MageSign Virtual Book Tour

Alan Baxter takes his dark fantasy novels RealmShift and MageSign on the virtual road with a 10 day Blog Book Tour. Follow the tour each day to a different blog and learn all kinds of interesting things, not only about Alan and his books, but also about what dark fantasy really is, indie authorship, where […]

Hellblazer 256 Review

As most people know I’ve been a fan of Hellblazer for a long time now. Peter Milligan took over the writing duties after a Phenomenal run from Andy Diggle. He has been writing up a storm and in the latest issue (256) which is the first of three parts of the Hooked storyline. Here’s the […]

Email Comments!

Just a quick note for you all… If you comment on the site now you can use the tick box to get emailed the replies so we can have a bit more interaction on here! Huzzah!

The Dr. Steel Show: Episode 1

Welcome to sunday night and since I hadn’t anything planned I thought I’d put up the first episode of The Dr. Steel which can be found on Youtube. Join Dr.Steel as he broadcasts The Dr. Steel Show directly from his secret island laboratory. httpv://

The Reviewer gets Reviewed!

I read a lot of different blogs and also I’ve have been keeping a ‘search’ on Kryptographik and Welcome to Heavenside for a while now so whenever somebody posts about those 2 names I can see where it’s coming from. This is all done using Yahoo Pipes which I can’t even remember how I configured […]

What are you getting this week? (1/7/2009)

Another slow week for me with only 4 titles coming in… American Mcgee’s Grimm #3 Dwight MacPherson (w) Grant Bond (a & c) Episode 3: Strap on your chaps and ten-gallon hats-Grimm’s in the western comic book world! The dead walk the streets of Gravestone as resurrected outlaw Thumbless Jack Hammer squares off against Sheriff […]

11 Questions with Josh Finney and Kat Rocha

And continuing the trend of 11 Questions, I have another one for your reading pleasure. I’ve had the pleasure to have Josh Finney (Writer/Artist) and Kat Rocha (Artist) who are the creators of the fantastic Titanium Rain which will be coming out from Archaia in August this year. Check out more about Titanium Rain at […]

Awakening Volume One Trailer

With the relaunch of Archaia a couple of months back we saw the collected Awakening written by Nick Tapalansky, art by Alex Eckman-Lawn, letters by Thomas Mauer. Nick Tapalansky is going to be at the Archaia booth at SDCC so if you wanted to check it out be sure to go and see him there […]

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