The Surrogates

I think I must have missed the original flurry of information about The Surrogates but I’ve often been told to check it out. In the preparation for recording the next Kryptographik I watched the trailer for the movie and it’s not what I expected at all… People who are living their lives through the eyes […]

What are you getting this week?

It’s a small week for me with only 2 titles to be picked up… Green Arrow 21 With the entirety of Star City deafened by Discord’s revenge scheme on Black Canary, Green Arrow finds an unlikely ally in Cupid! Hellblazer 256 Featuring the debut of new HELLBLAZER cover artist Simon Bisley! ‘Biz’ joins the crew, […]

The Furnace Blackberry Launcher

Since I’m a big Blackberry user I’ve always wanted to have this website as well as others I go to accessible from a mobile device. With that being said I’ve recently had Kai from EDL Industries create a Blackberry Launcher for me. How do you get it you ask? Well you can click on this […]

11 Questions with Mark Seifert from Avatar Press

I was given the opportunity to start up the “11 Questions” interviews with Mark Seifert from Avatar Press who is a man of many talents at Avatar. Let me know in the comments or at the Bleeding Cool forum what you think. What initiated your interest in comics? I’ve been into comics since before I […]



Bleeding Cool!

Sorry for the lack of posting this week. I’ve had a lot of things going on in the real world that have been preventing me from writing anything. On the plus side if you haven’t checked out Bleeding Cool then you should go over and have a look. If you haven’t been there before you […]

Kryptographik Episode 28 – The Return

Kryptographik is a trans-continental podcast featuring Brian (in the U.S.) and Damian (in Australia), providing news, reviews, commentary and interviews covering horror, dark fantasy and science-fiction. In our 28th episode, we discuss the re-launch of the Titanium Rain comic book series (this month’s sponsor); indie films Nun of That, Nightmare & Family Demons; writing for […]

Titanium Rain Issue 1-2 Review

For those who remember, back in September 2008 on the Kryptographik podcast Brian and myself had an in-depth discussion with Kat Rocha and Josh Finney who are the creators of Titanium Rain. We went page by page through the first issue of what was then a 12 issue maxi series coming out from Archaia. Unfortunately […]

“9″, A Sneak Peek

The nice people producing the motion picture “9″ have graciously allowed us to see some images from the film: A new era in animated storytelling begins on 9.9.09. Visionary filmmakers Tim Burton (The Corpse Bride, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory) and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Nightwatch) join forces to produce wunderkind director Shane Acker’s distinctively original and thrilling tale. 9 […]

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