Tim Sale Grendel Sketch

Tim Sale Grendel Sketch

As I mentioned in the previous post I managed to get a Tim Sale sketch at Supanova this year and this also is the only sketch that I had commissioned over the weekend as well. The first day I missed out on getting a fastpass but as I planned it for the Sunday, I was there an hour before the show opened and was the second one to get a fastpass.

When Tim asked what it was I was wanting to get a sketch of, I let him know that I wanted a Grendel from him. As for which one he wanted to do that was up to him. I did take The Art of Grendel with me again so he could go through it to get any reference that he needed.

Now if you didn’t know, Tim has done some Grendel work in the past with him working on Devil’s Reign, Devil Child and Red, White and Black.

After thinking about it Tim asked me if I didn’t mind if he did Eppy Thatcher.

Eppy Thatcher was an insane factory worker fuelled by a designer drug called “Grendel” and convinced God hated him.

As Eppy is one of the most unusual Grendel’s I couldn’t say no and also I didn’t have a Sketch of Eppy in my Grendel Sketch Book yet so how could I say no!

He had 2 looks at the reference and just started right away at it. I was fascinated at how he was working so fast. you could see his years of experience at work. While he was sketching I did chat with him but I didn’t want to distract him from what he was doing.

Not long later and it was finished and the final product just blew me away.

Tim was a really nice guy and hopefully I’ll get the chance to talk with him again down the track. If you haven’t had the chance to get one of his Sketches then I’d recommend one and if it’s out of your price range then just go and say hello and let him know, as I did, how much you appreciate what he has down within the industry.

And after all this waiting here’s the sketch. Check out my Flickr Grendel Sketches and Commissions here for larger versions.

Time Sale Grendel Eppy Thatcher by Lord Shaper.

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  1. Frank Castle says:

    So, why only 1 commission? And it is a great piece, Tim did great is a cool dude!