Kryptographik Episode 29

Kryptographik Episode 29

Kryptographik is a trans-continental podcast featuring Brian (in the U.S.) and Damian (in Australia), providing news, reviews, commentary and interviews covering horror, dark fantasy and science-fiction.

In our 29th episode, we discuss Barry Nugent’s Fallen Heroes and Modern Horror vs. “Torture Porn.” We also give our thoughts regarding the trailers for Transformers 2, Public Enemies, Moon, The Final Destination (in 3-D!), Terminator: Salvation, Drag Me To Hell, Halloween 2, Pandorum, The Surrogates, Inglorious Bastards, Tim Burton’s 9, Sherlock Holmes, The Road, Sorority Row, Whiteout & Zombieland.

Thanks to the Everything Comes Back to 2000AD podcast for the clip!

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