Supanova Day 1

Supanova Day 1

The first day of Supanova is over now and it was a fun day.

We started off waiting in line. This is something I didn’t expect as I had pre-purchased my ticket and the pay at the door line seemed to be blitzing through. I don’t know what happened there but an hour later I arrived in the door.

My first stop was to be seeing if I could get one Tim Sale’s Sketch list but unfortunately it was closed in the first hour. If there was better management of the lines I might have had a chance but what can I do apart from aim to get there early enough to make it on tomorrow.

The Cosplayers were out in force and if you check my Flickr feed for day one you can see all of the photos I took but here are some of my favourites.

Harley Quinn by you.

Snake Eyes and The Baroness by you.

After seeing Tim and getting my The Art of Matt Wagner’s Grendel and Devil Child hard covers signed I went and said hello to Stewart McKenny who you would know currently from DC Superfriends and Nicola Scott who’s working on Secret Six. I wanted to try to get some time with them through the day to do some recording but it was that busy throughout the day that I didn’t want them to stop working on sketches or talking to new people. I’m going to try again tomorrow to find some time.

I then bumped into Jan Scherpenhuizen who has his new comic The Twilight Age which is a mature reader’s book from Black House Comics. I picked up all 3 of the issues of that book. Then at the same table was W. Chew Chan who I had a little chat with but he was busy with commissions and again I was too late to get on his list. He has just recently had a story with Christopher Sequeira in Astonishing Tales. Speaking of Christopher Sequeira he also was there and was showing me his new The Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes comic, also from Black House Comics, which I’ll pick up the first 2 issues tomorrow and hopefully get to record with him about it and what he thinks of the new movie coming out.

P1010525 by you.

I had the chance to sit in on Tim Sale’s panel which was great to hear what he had to say about working with Jeph Loeb and Heroes among other things.

I bumped into some old friends which we end up running into each other every year so we spent a good hour doing our yearly update on what we have been doing.

Apart from that I did some shopping, picking up Queen and Country Definitive Edition Vol 4, The Twilight Age, Magellan (which is an introduction to the web comic) and apart from that I grabbed a Shadow Stormtrooper Mighty Mugg and the Comedian Action figure.

So after a long day walking around it’s over now and I have to get rested up for tomorrow. And I’m taking my son with me for that one.

It’s been a great show so far!

Lara Croft by you.

2 Responses to “Supanova Day 1”

  1. Jason Wright says:

    Nice writeup, man! I swear, I could be up for a couple more days of convention. (Of course it’s easy to say that while I’m at work.)

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Thanks for that man… now it’s time to get recharged and ready to go for day 2!

    This time with workmates going! heh