Titanium Rain Issue 1-2 Review

Titanium Rain Issue 1-2 Review

For those who remember, back in September 2008 on the Kryptographik podcast Brian and myself had an in-depth discussion with Kat Rocha and Josh Finney who are the creators of Titanium Rain. We went page by page through the first issue of what was then a 12 issue maxi series coming out from Archaia.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen restructuring by Archaia we have never seen issue 2 and beyond. Now, thanks to Archaia being back on track, we are finally getting Titanium Rain back into the hands of everyone who has been clambering for more.

There are some changes to the series, instead of being a 12 issue series it’s now going to start with 2 double issues so we’ll see issues 1-2 in this months previews and then issues 3-4 in the next one.


As we start off in the book it is the year 2032 and the world has changed. There are new divides throughout Asia with the Sino Union and Jade Empire fighting over territory. We get thrown right into the action of a fire fight with some troops under heavy fire and low on ammo.

From there we go to a more serene look with a good change in colour showing the Mamoru Air Base which is where we get to meet the players we are going to be dealing with.

Titanium Rain is about Phoenix Squad, a group of fighter pilots from across the globe. We don’t realise how special they are within the first half of the book (which is the old first issue). They were all failed air force applicants but as the war dragged on the government needed to replace lost pilots and so they would take anyone. I’ll let you read the issue to find out how they create these ‘failed’ pilots but suffice to say, in keeping with the time period it involves future tech.

I think the way they are now putting 2 issues together works a lot better for Titanium Rain as compared to when it originally came out. The first half of the new issue gives us the background and set up, through a card game, and although it seems different it really provides a good commentary on how things are going in the war.

The second half of the book goes right into the action showing what these guys do and have done to get to where they are. The second half also shows some fantastic flight scenes as well as more action that you can poke a stick at!

The Art itself is fantastic and in my eye’s it’s pushing what can be done in a comic book these days. It is more of the ultra realistic and nice and clean. This helps set the book up so well a gives you the futuristic feel to go along with the setting. The Planes, war zones and vehicles are also so realistic that you can see them all being used today.

They also did two great trailers for the comic that you can see below.

Titanium Rain Preview 1


Titanium Rain Preview 2


If you’re looking for something to fill that near future sci-fi void we have been experiencing of late (the only other thing close being Shrapnel from Radical) then you need to check out this book. There is a preview over at the Titanium Rain Website which is worth a look if you haven’t seen it before and this has peaked your interest. The Order code is JUN09 0698 and there is a great deal that I’ve posted about earlier so stop what your doing and go and check it out.

You can find more information about Titanium Rain on their website which includes a preview of it so you can see what I’ve been talking about.

2 Responses to “Titanium Rain Issue 1-2 Review”

  1. Jason Wright says:

    Nice writeup! I was already sold, and placed my order last night. I’m looking forward to having a copy in my hands!

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Your not the only one waiting to have an issue in their hands… I have the original one but I’m wanting to keep going with the series so badly!