Saint Germaine: Shadows Fall

Throughout my reading of indie comic books I have always taken a shine to those that had a darker edge to them or to a supernatural feeling and one of them that I found back in the day was Saint Germaine. Now I wouldn’t have normally found this on the shelf at any Comic Book […]

What are you getting this week?

Only a couple of things that have my interest this week… Green Arrow Black Canary #20 Hellblazer #255 Witchblade #127 Star Wars: Vector Vol 2 What are you getting?

Blue Ray of Watchmen will only be the Director’s Cut

The Watchmen are coming to Blu-ray on July 28th. The only version of the film offered on the Blu-ray disc will be the Director’s Cut, which adds 28 minutes to the film’s already lengthy run time. In addition to a new 190 minute cut, the Blu-ray version of Watchmen will also include a number of […]

Previews Spotlight #019: 2009-05

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the May 2009 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked. We had 5 other podcasts represented this month! 11 O’Clock Comics Half Hour Wasted I Believe in Bat-Mite Kryptographik Welcome to Heavenside We also had submissions from a fan of […]

What are you getting this week? May 13, 2009

A relatively small week for me this week with only 3 books coming my way and one is for my son… First we have Gravel #11 and as always I get the Wrap covers on this title. As with most people out there at the moment the second book is Green Lantern Corps #36 which […]

Josh Medors Benefit Auction

From Dave Kopecki “As many of you know already, artist Josh Medors (Frazetta’s Swamp Demon & Sorcerer, Willow Creek, 30 Days of Night) has been fighting a losing battle against a terminal form of cancer for over a year, and it has recently taken a turn for the worst. The doctors and conventional medicine have […]

Avatar Press in Stores Now 05/06/2009.

The Avatar Press comics and other items listed below are available in comic shops this week, according to our distributor. Most retailers in the U.S. display new shipments for the week beginning on Wednesday. Ask your local stores about these items. If you cannot find them locally, the links below will take you to those […]

Microwaving a cellphone is surprisingly cool


Clancy Brown Joins Nightmare Remake Cast

In what’s shaping up to be more of a dream cast than any kind of nightmare for director Samuel Bayer, Platinum Dunes’ Nightmare on Elm Street reboot just added another long-time genre fave to its roster: the inimitable Clancy Brown. Bloody-Disgusting got word today that Brown has been cast as a character named “Allan”. There […]

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