City of Dust: A Philip Khrome Story

City of Dust: A Philip Khrome Story

If you have ever watched and liked the movie Equilibrium then you will love this book. Steve Niles and Zid have created a world where they have found that the advent of religion and imagination so there is a ban on all religion and on books and anything else that can ‘inspire’ people.

The story follows Philip Khrome who as we find out had turned in his own father as his father used to tell him stories when he was young like the Hare and the Tortoise and when he was over heard talking about that at school the teacher had reported his father for ‘poisoning a child’s mind’.

Just from that you get to see what kind of world that they are dealing with and as the story goes on we find Philip has been brought up by the government and had it drilled into him what is right and what is wrong. This brings him to becoming a Policeman in what feels like the city you get to see in the 5th element where there are different levels and we can see that the higher you go in the city depends on what your wealth is.

The artwork in this book is phenomenal where we have the painted quality that we have been seeing for the covers of Tow Cow’s The Darkness and Witchblade and also with the opening arch of X-Force from marvel which is becoming a style that I am liking more and more these days. As well as that there is a feel of a Ben Templesmith influence there as well which I wasn’t expecting.

Radical Comics are doing a great presentation of this as well with it coming in a Squarebound style as Stardust originally came out back in the 90’s which leaves me unsure if I should be putting this on the shelf or in the comic box.

When this gets traded tho I will be getting this so I can have it out for everyone to see.

Overall I couldn’t wait for each issue of this to come out and this series is one of my favorite for the year so if you haven’t picked it up go and find it!

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