Blue Ray of Watchmen will only be the Director’s Cut

The Watchmen are coming to Blu-ray on July 28th. The only version of the film offered on the Blu-ray disc will be the Director’s Cut, which adds 28 minutes to the film’s already lengthy run time. In addition to a new 190 minute cut, the Blu-ray version of Watchmen will also include a number of Blu-ray exclusive special features, such as “Maximum Movie Mode” which allows viewers to watch the movie with split-screen on-camera commentary. Two features will also be exclusive to the Blu-ray release: “Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes” and “Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World.”

Whether or not you loved or hated the film, we’re glad to see Warner Bros. add more exclusive content to its BD releases. For fans of the film, the opportunity to see about half an hour more of Dr. Manhattan in 1080p is sure to be a treat.

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