9 Reasons to Become an Evil Villain

1. You will have more friends Peter Parker was a social outcast. Norman Osborne was the popular kid. Reed Richards was a dorky scientist. Victor Von doom was a rich socialite. Anyone else sensing a pattern here? Everyone wants to get a little piece of the evil. It is like Starburst. 2. You get to […]

The Zombie Apocalypse Is Less Terrifying in LEGO

The question is not IF there will be a zombie apocalypse, but whether or not said end of the world will occur before or after singularity and the robot uprising. Here, in the maudlin sculpture Zombie Apocafest 2008, we see the battle depicted in the only artistic medium that will survive when Man is literally […]

Welcome to Heavenside and Kryptographik Facebook Groups

Yes I know… It’s yet another social network but it does help me promote this show as well as Kryptographik so I can’t complain to much about it. But if there are some more facebook users out there then click on the Welcome to Heavenside Facebook Group Link and join up there! Also if your […]

11 Questions…

If some of you remember about a year ago I did a series of interviews on my old blog called 11 Questions. Well as I said it was over a year ago and I’m wanting to start doing them again so I will start contacting people about it but also first up I will start […]

City of Dust: A Philip Khrome Story

If you have ever watched and liked the movie Equilibrium then you will love this book. Steve Niles and Zid have created a world where they have found that the advent of religion and imagination so there is a ban on all religion and on books and anything else that can ‘inspire’ people. The story […]

Avatar Press in Stores 05/28/2009

The Avatar Press comics and other items listed below are available in comic shops this week, according to our distributor. Most retailers in the U.S. display new shipments for the week beginning on Wednesday. Ask your local stores about these items. If you cannot find them locally, the links below will take you to those […]

Free Hugs

Would you get one?

The Red Star: Sword of Lies wins gold medal at IPBA

May 21, 2009 – New York, NY – Organizers of the 13th annual Independent Publisher Book Awards, conducted to honor the year’s best independently published books, have announced the results for the 2009 competition. While much of the world economy is in a slump, books and reading are gaining ground on more expensive forms of […]

9 – The Movie

With only 4 months left before the Post Apocolyptic movie from Tim Burton called 9 arrives, here’s a bit of a reminder. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9-D_dowsXk&feature=player_embedded So if you want to see what someone could mistake for Sack Boy from Little Big World then be sure to get to the movies to see this one. Anyway it’s Tim […]

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