My Brute

Yes I have to admit it that I have stated to get into My Brute. I known it’s a childish thing to do but it’s just alot of fun to see an avatar of ours go through and beat the living hell out of someone and have no issues with it. Also there’s not much […]

Titanium Rain Returns

Just found this over at Kat’s Blog: Since the book’s strong debut back in July 2008, this is the question we’ve heard almost daily from fans, friends, industry and press. The short answer is, Titanium Rain is back. After a prolonged delay due to our publisher coming under new management, Titanium Rain will return to […]

New Avatar/Commission

Had a new Avatar/Commission made by Spookychan… What do you think?

The Roll Out Begins for Supanova Sydney & Perth in 2009!

From From Now that we’ve laid to bed our line-up for the other two expos its time to turn up the heat and announce our first volley of guests for Supanova expos in Sydney (June 26-28) and Perth (July 3-5). Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Other Creatures, may we present for you… Ray […]

Tattoo Update

So here’s the new Pictures Darkling Finished Bad Faerie Queen This is the outline only with shading to come next sitting And another Angle That ended up getting about 0.75 of my lower arm down and my next sitting should finish that off with adding Swamp Thing and a couple of other guys in the […]